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Tips for Finding Those Pesky Car Keys

By May 8, 2014June 9th, 2020No Comments

KeysLosing your car keys can ruin your whole day, or even your week, if you don’t have a handy replacement. Not to mention, more and more cars are being made with remote start smart keys, which can cost up to $500 to replace. Luckily, technology (paired with common sense, of course) is making it easier to keep track of keys, even if you constantly forget to drop them in the bowl by the door.

Traditional Keys

Normal keys are easy and cheap to make copies of. But don’t wait until you lose a set and then wonder why you never made another. Go ahead and do it in advance so you have a spare set handy just in case. If it’s just a key, it’ll cost less than $15. If the key also comes with a clicker, it’ll cost more like $100 to $200, but it’s worth it if you’re a forgetful types because it’s still cheaper than calling a locksmith and missing a day of work.

You can now buy tracking devices for your own personal use. Simply attach a GPS-powered tracker to your key ring and, if it ever gets lost, you can use an app on your phone or computer to track its location. This can also be applied to smart keys, or even household objects that go missing often like the remote control or a pair of glasses.

Smart Keys

Proper use of a smart key takes a bit of retraining simply because you no longer have to reach into your purse or pocket. As long as the key is on your person, you just need to be close to your car in order to unlock and start it. So, to prevent misplacing a smart key, attach it to your wallet, your purse or leave it in your pocket when out. It never has to leave the location of your choice, which reduces the chance of losing it.

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