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Tips for Making Your Home Less at Risk for Theft

By September 15, 2017June 9th, 2020No Comments

home in oklahoma with family in frontHome insurance provides financial help if a theft should occur. Vandalism is another risk usually covered by insurance.

However, every homeowner should take steps to protect their home. This will help you feel more secure at home. It also helps ensure your home insurance costs remain manageable. How do you make your home more secure? These tips will help.

Know the Risks

Consumer Reports indicates that 2.1 million burglaries occurred in 2012. That is about the common annual rate. That means that one burglary occurred every 15 seconds, on average, in the United States. Every home is at risk. Talk to your insurance provider. Discuss the most common thefts in your area. Know the neighborhood well, too.

Keep the Home Locked

Make it a habit to lock windows and doors. If you close them, lock them. This is important for all openings to the home. It includes windows, doors, garage doors, storm windows, screens and even those basement windows. Use deadbolts or other durable systems.

Consider Smart Technology

Even when you are not at home, you can protect your home. Smart technology gives you some idea of what is happening at home even when you are at work or school. Smart doorbells, smart security lights, and even alarm systems may trigger an alert to your phone. When someone gets too close to your home, you know about it. You can take action. Additionally, you can “answer the door” from a monitor by the door. A would-be thief doesn’t know if you are home or 10 miles away.

Tell Thieves You’re Protected

Don’t make security a secret. Place alarm system signs near the entrance to your home. Be sure anyone visiting can see the sign. This works as a simple deterrent.

However, never assume these signs will stop every thief. Always arm all of your systems whenever you leave the house.

Use Outdoor Lighting Wisely

Having outdoor lights around your home adds to your security. Place them near all openings to the home. Use automatic sensors to turn the lights on when someone approaches the area. Always use this as a warning to you. If the light comes on, take action.

You can work with your home insurance agent to find additional security precautions. In some cases, a home security system can help reduce your insurance costs. This makes investing in one a simple decision for most homeowners. Gain the security you need. Keep your home insurance rates low as a result.

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