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Oklahoma Manufacturers Insurance

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What Is Manufacturers Insurance?

Construction WorkerManufacturers affect the U.S. economy in significant ways, as they employ millions of workers and produce and export trillions of dollars of goods. As the owner of a manufacturing company, you have much to protect. Manufacturers insurance is your means to protect your workers, business assets and production capabilities.

Manufacturers insurance includes three primary components.

  • Business owners insurance (BOP): Protects your business assets and production capabilities from legal claims and business interruptions.
  • Workers compensation: Protects your workers in the event of a work-related illness, injury and death.
  • Commercial vehicle coverage: Protects the vehicles you use for business purposes.

Protect Assets with Manufacturing Business Insurance

What happens if someone touring your facility gets injured or their property is damaged and they file a lawsuit against you? What if a fire damages your building? If a key piece of equipment breaks down and you have to shut down your operation for weeks or months, how will you carry on?

If you have manufacturers business insurance policy, you’ll be covered. The BOP protects you from the following risks:

  • General liability: This insurance protects you when someone slips and falls or sustains some other bodily injury at your place of business, or has damage done to their personal property. If a third party files a lawsuit against you for bodily injury or property damage, your general liability insurance will cover your defense, settlement, or judgment.
  • Property: This coverage insures and thus can pay to replace your own property. It includes damage to buildings and your business-related personal property. You can also add an additional endorsement to cover supplies and equipment breakdown.
  • Loss of income: Loss of income insurance protects your manufacturing business if it is exposed to a business interruption from a covered event. For example, if your building or equipment is damaged and you cannot continue normal operations, this coverage will kick in to protect you from major losses. You can receive lost net income and operating expenses for up to 12 months.

Business owners policies also offer additional coverages to protect you from identity theft risks, negligent employee practices, damage to valuable papers and records and much more. (Source:

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