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Blackwell – The Winds of Change

By January 2, 2013June 9th, 2020No Comments

Learn about the Blackwell Wind Farm that supplies power to Oklahoma State University. View the documentary on the project here.

Blackwell – The Winds of Change from Brandon Carter on Vimeo.

Blackwell, the home office of Loftis & Wetzel, recently completed a wind power project that through OG&E (Oklahoma Gas & Electric) the power will supply Oklahoma State University.  Mike Loftis, CEO of Loftis & Wetzel, and a  trustee of the Blackwell Industrial Authority, assisted in facilitating the project with David and Mark Savage, local landowners, and Own Energy.

Mike’s contact with Oklahoma State University, his alma mater, planted the seed with OSU and OG&E that made possible the consideration of being the power purchasers.  The power purchase agreement is a long -term commitment.

Over 2012, during the construction phase, in excess of $100 million was invested, and local businesses supplied materials, lodging, food and other services to about 100 construction workers.  NextEra, the ultimate owner and operator of the project, is a part of major utility Florida Power & Light, and is the largest wind energy producer in the US with over 9,000 wind turbines.  They have leased a service facility and office space from the Blackwell Industrial Authority in the Blackwell Industrial Park where project employees will operate from.

A number of permanent technical jobs have been created to maintain the wind farm and the property tax generated will be significant benefitting the Blackwell Public School district, Pioneer Vo-Tech district, Kay County Health Department and Kay County itself.