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Adapting our Agency to 2020

By April 24, 2020June 9th, 2020No Comments

It is an understatement to say that the year 2020 has asked us all to adapt in ways we did not foresee at year’s end 2019. People are trimming down trips to essential errands, donning masks, and relying more on delivery services than ever before, thanks to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.

Early on, our agency opted to close it’s doors out of deference to the health of our staff and vulnerable clientele. Since then, we have provided staff the ability to work from home. But our adaptations have not stopped there. Here are some new things our agency has begun doing in 2020 that will enhance accessibility and service, regardless of shelter-in-place continues.

You can now access your account any time using the InsurLink Client Portal

You may have noticed that our website now features a Customer Login button. That’s because, starting this year, we are providing all of our renewing customers the opportunity to activate their Customer Portal account with our agency. This service allows you to do a number of things no matter the time of day:
  • Access your policies
  • Download certificates of insurance and auto ID cards
  • Request policy changes including adding drivers and cars
  • Reporting a claim
  • Cloud storage to upload/download insurance documents

Now when you purchase a car on the weekend or take a defensive driving class, you can advise us of the new vehicle details and even upload your defensive driving certificate, and we will be notified to update your account coverage as soon as an agent confirms and verifies the information.

Forms requiring signatures will now be processed via DocuSign

If you financed a home loan recently, there is a fair chance that you powered through loan documents swiftly using an e-signature tool that saved you time and a significant amount of ink. We are joining ranks with service providers incorporating DocuSign into our procedures.

We will now send forms that require signatures using electronically using DocuSign which allows you to quickly complete forms on your computer or smart phone. These will come to you by e-mail and also automatically appear in your Client Portal account to sign as well.

Have a FAX machine or combination printer/scanner and prefer to do it the old fashioned way? Don’t worry, we can send your documents that way, just ask and we will provide.
Keeping your accounts current

Because of these updates, our service agents are actively verifying contact information on your accounts to make sure we are using your preferred email address and phone numbers. Sometimes we leave old email addresses behind or update our phones to new numbers. If you have switched to a new email or phone number recently, let us know! All named insureds will need to process e-signatures using their own email address, and we also want to make sure in an emergency that we can reach all named insureds.

Keeping it Simple

Insurance is inherently complex – and it is our duty to make sure it functions as intended. With these new tools available, we hope the increased accessibility makes your coverage a little easier to grasp.

If you have not yet received an invitation to join the InsurLink Client Portal you can fill out a request form here and we will send you the invitation email as soon as possible.

If you need a local agent you can work with outside of the 9-5, request a quote here and we will be happy to quote your coverage.

More to come soon as we look forward to updating our website, launch a user-friendly online customer quoting tool, and more!