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A Guide for Complete Spring Cleaning

By March 29, 2014June 9th, 2020No Comments

image of house in OklahomaCleaning a home from top to bottom is a task that most people both dread and desire. Though it takes a lot of effort, it’s nice to take off the gloves, hang up the broom and enjoy a clean environment. While you can’t eliminate the effort of performing cleaning tasks, you can work smarter to minimize the time it takes to achieve the same amount of work.

Multitasking needs to become your favorite word during bouts of heavy cleaning. Never settle for one chore at a time. Start a load of laundry while you wipe down the kitchen counters. Apply cleaner to the carpet or shower and let it soak in while you dust the ceiling fans. Chores get done so much faster when they’re done simultaneously.

As you clean, work on one room at a time. It can be tough to remember that you’ve already cleaned the shower, wiped down the refrigerator and organized the shelving in the garage. Rather than keeping track of the various pieces of rooms that you’ve cleaned, it’s much simpler to remember which entire rooms you’ve cleaned.

In each room, start by cleaning the highest place and working your way down to the floor. Why? As you dust and polish high shelves or cabinets, debris falls down to the floor. By starting at the top, you eliminate the need to re-clean the floors if they get dirtied in the process.

Every home accumulates clutter over time, and you’re likely to find random odds and ends as you scour each room. While it’s tempting to immediately find the home of the lost object, this wastes precious time. Instead, carry a basket with you and drop in all lost objects and clutter to donate or to trash once you’re finished. This prevents the workflow from stopping. Once you’re done cleaning, you can turn to the lost and found basket and either return items to their rightful place or get rid of them.

Don’t forget—springtime is the prime season for allergies. To keep your home as allergen-free as possible, change the air filters, dust the vents and keep windows shut tight. If you or your family has an allergy to cleaning products, try a mild soap or natural cleaners such as vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

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