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2020 is nearly over, and boy did we hear a lot about working from home this year. Many found ourselves working remotely in our ad-hoc home offices, but do you run an actual business from home?

What is Home Business Insurance?

According to insurance provider, RLI, “home based business policies are designed specifically to handle the business insurance needs of a business that is operated from an insured’s home.” Like any other business policy, these provide coverage for:

  • Business personal property like your equipment, inventory and supplies
  • Liability for business-related activities
  • Loss of income
  • And more!

This coverage is not limited to your home either – if you are a photographer who books locations to photograph your clients, for example, your equipment and liability coverage follows you, too.

Why get Home Business Insurance?

“I have a homeowners policy,” you may say, but your homeowners policy may be limited or just not cover your business-related activities or property. This policy closes that gap, and protects that part of you from theft, property damage, and lawsuits. With annual rates starting as low as $125, your thousand-dollar camera might feel a little more safe!

Check with your agent first to see if your policy does protect your home business activities.

Do I qualify?

To see if you qualify on our home business program, check out eligible business types here.

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