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Why Maintaining a Garage Door Is Important

By March 24, 2017 June 9th, 2020 No Comments

man locking doorA commonly overlooked aspects of home maintenance is garage door upkeep. Garage doors don’t last forever. Additionally, when homeowners use garage doors regularly, their lifespan shortens significantly.

As the garage door ages, many people may encounter any of the following safety issues.

An Unbalanced Garage Door Can Damage the System

Typically, a garage door weighs over 150 pounds. With that in mind, a balanced garage door is important to the safety of anyone who goes in and out of the garage.

When a garage door isn’t balanced, it strains the garage door opening mechanisms. Homeowners who fail to correct the problem can witness a total garage door failure. When this happens, the garage door may collapse on a vehicle or a person, which can cause injuries.

Failing Safety Features Threaten Safety

When homeowners don’t maintain garage doors, they may notice that safety features stop working. Typical safety features include an automatic reverse function and a door sensor. If any safety feature stops working, it compromises personal safety.

Homeowners may find that their garage door may not stop when someone is underneath the door. If this happens, injuries can occur, and the homeowner may have to contend with a home insurance claim.

Loosened Screws Can Cause Injuries

Finally, when homeowners use their garage doors often, they may cause the door’s screws to loosen. Tight screws hold important aspects of the track and the garage door opener together. When they become loose, any part of the system can fail. A failure in the system can prevent the door from opening and closing. It can also cause parts of the track or the garage door to collapse.

If any part of the system fails and injures a guest, a homeowner could face a liability claim.

Homeowners can’t overlook maintaining their garage doors. If they do, they reduce their safety and increase their chances of exposing themselves to liabilities. To maintain the doors, homeowners should have a professional inspect their garage door at least twice a year. This can ensure everything is working properly.

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