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What You Need to Know About Saving on Auto Insurance

By October 21, 2015 June 9th, 2020 No Comments

family in carYour auto insurance policy may contain a wealth of unclaimed benefits. Receiving discounts needn’t be exclusive to single vehicle owners, and multiple policyholders have access to great options. If you’re looking to save money on car insurance, check out the following family-specific options for saving money.

Combine Policies proposes combining family policies to reduce overall expenses. Your insurance provider may offer discounts when your bundle all of your family’s vehicles together, and your insurance rates can be greatly reduced if your entire family adheres to a single plan. Often, multiple holder discounts exist beyond family, though many providers offer specific discounts pertaining to in-family-network policyholders.

Combine Your Auto and Home Insurance Plans

Many insurance providers offer price reductions for holders maintaining both car and homeowners insurance—assuming they’re beneath the same provider’s plan. Discounts even exist for those obtaining auto coverage after a homeowners policy has been secured.

Reduce Coverage on Old Family Vehicles

Your old vehicles’ coverage can be reduced to enhance new vehicle protection. If your family’s cars are being replaced or driven less, consider reducing your coverage. In most cases, collision and annual comprehensive premiums over 10 percent of a vehicle’s value could be dropped to cut back on premiums. However, you must maintain the minimum liability coverage requirements at all times.

Drive Multiple Vehicles

Similar to the ‘old vehicles’ tip, maintaining multiple in-use vehicles can reveal family discount options. Your insurance policy may similarly offer discounts for:

  • Carpooling
  • Medical appointments
  • New drivers

Multiple vehicle policies aren’t necessarily confined to new vehicles either. If you’re maintaining old vehicles, they may be available for combined policy coverage. Your insurance provider can assist with any questions, discrepancies or concerns related to multi-vehicle coverage.

Partake in Defensive Driving Courses

As the kids learn to drive, they should be exposed to defensive driving courses. While such courses offer immediate protective benefits, they can also enhance a family’s auto insurance policy discount options. covers multiple auto insurance discount options, suggesting defensive driving courses as a relatively easy money-saving investment.

Your family deserves safety, and a slew of options exist for money-conscious policyholders. Many plans offer additional discount options as they evolve too, expanding one’s fiscal options.

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