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Understanding Livestock Insurance

By March 1, 2016 June 9th, 2020 No Comments

pigs in farmYou make your living from the work of your hands, raising livestock. Throughout the year, your income is in danger because anything can happen to your livestock. Diseases, accidents and weather-related events can result in the loss of your cattle or poultry. How would you make ends meet if this happened?

Why Choose Livestock Insurance?

Tales of farmers losing their most prized livestock isn’t a fable parents tell to their children; it’s a real life situation. Most farmers who experience this ordeal don’t have the financial reserves to recover from such a loss.

Faced with situations like this, farm insurance that includes livestock coverage can be a game changer. With the right coverage, farmers who wake up to sick or diseased livestock can often rely on their insurance companies to assist them in the face of uncertainty.

Types of Livestock Insurance

Like other types of insurance policies, your livestock insurance has different types of coverage. The best way to ensure that you can survive a hit to your farm is to ensure you have the right insurance options. Typical livestock insurance may include one of the following types of coverage:

Standard Coverage:
This gives you coverage for all the typical losses that farmers experience, in general. Ask for agent for details.

Specified Perils Coverage:
This gives you coverage against a certain type of loss. For instance, you may insure your cattle from a particular type of disease.

Farmers insurance allows you to choose how and what livestock you want to cover with livestock insurance. You can choose to insure your prized cattle with an individual policy, or you can choose to insure your whole herd with a blanket insurance policy.

When Should You Insure Your Livestock?

With the possibility of disease, accidents and weather-related losses occurring at any time, you shouldn’t delay insuring your livestock. Whether you have horses or you have poultry, your livestock is essential to your lifestyle. Purchasing insurance to ensure that your family doesn’t suffer financially in the event of a loss helps give you peace of mind the minute you secure your policy.

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