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Security Means Savings

By June 25, 2019June 9th, 2020No Comments

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We’re well into the age of the Internet of Things — in fact, I’m not sure people even call it that anymore. I think we might just call it “the way things are,” now. This state of being that we find ourselves in means a wealth of convenience. We can deliver groceries to our home, products in two or fewer days, and even control the way our house operates. You might be familiar by now with the notion of the Smart Home.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Just in case you need a refresher, smart home technology centralizes control of your homes systems in one place, usually your smart phone, a tablet-style panel, or both. Smart home systems might include a Nest thermostat, doorbell cameras– even fridges are getting into the mix. You can also make your smart home a safe home as well, using by integrating a service provider into your smart home via access senors for doors and windows, cameras for monitoring, and smoke/fire alarms.

By paying a monthly subscription, home security and fire monitoring providers, can dispatch emergency services to your home. Sometimes such services will have an additional front-end installation and devices fee. Loftis & Wetzel Insurance works with Vivint Smart Home which provides these services and more with no up-front device fee. Their clients can pay for their devices much like we pay for cell phones by incorporating it into the subscription fee.

How does Smart Security Affect my Insurance?

On top of that, when you install a centrally reporting burglar alarm and fire alarm, your homeowners insurance rates may decrease. Many of our insurance offer discounts for home security and fire systems that report to a central station. If you already have homeowners insurance and have installed home security and/or fire monitoring since you’ve last reviewed your insurance, give us a call. The savings you earn might be worth putting toward your security and fire service.

If you’ve taken extra steps beyond burglary and fire and have even installed an automatic water stop, you may be eligible for extra benefits from your insurance provider too. Give us a call to go over your insurance and systems you’ve added to your home and, who knows? You could see savings enough for your next project.

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