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Farm Insurance for Your High-Valued Livestock

By October 22, 2016 June 9th, 2020 No Comments

image of Oklahoma farmLook at any business and you’ll see numerous types of assets. On the farm, a key type of asset you own is your livestock. No matter the type of farm or how you use your livestock, it’s important to recognize how valuable it is and to have the proper type and amount of business insurance in place to safeguard it. This can be a very unpredictable industry and, as a result, the risks can be high. With the right type of livestock insurance, you can reduce many of the risks your operation could suffer.

What Can Farm Insurance Offer?

Various forms of farm insurance exist. Some forms provide far more protection than others. However, if you own livestock, and it is a key component of your business model, you’ll want to make a big effort to choose a business insurance policy that reduces these risks. This will include unique coverage types including:

  • Individual coverage: This form of farm insurance will provide a higher level of insurance on the animals you own that are of a high value. It offers coverage on individual animals. This type of policy is often in place for animals that are key to your operation rather than just the herd. The specific dollar value will range based on the value of that animal to your farm.

  • Herd coverage: This type of farm insurance provides more protection for a larger number of animals. It is the most common and perhaps the simplest form of business insurance for livestock. It allows you to customize the number of animals within the herd that are protected. This could be any number, but that number is generally listed in the policy.

  • Blanket farm insurance: Another option is to choose a blanket farm insurance plan. This will provide you with a specific dollar amount of coverage that covers your entire farm. It will include your livestock, but also your equipment and structures. This is less expensive but tends to offer lower levels of coverage.

Which is right for you? That depends on your operation including its size, the use of your livestock, and the amount of risk you are willing to take on. Like any company, you need business insurance tailored to meet your specific needs.

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