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Employee Benefits: Providing for Breastfeeding Mothers

By May 24, 2016 June 9th, 2020 No Comments

business people sitting togetherMore than ever, businesses need to have high-quality employee benefits to provide to their staff. You have many options to protect employees and to meet their needs, including women with children. While your employee insurance and health insurance plans can provide for many needs, having onsite benefits for women who may be breastfeeding may also be beneficial. In fact, many businesses find that offering simple benefits like this can aid in retaining the very best employees. How can you better meet the needs of breastfeeding women?

Know Your State Laws

Many state laws are in place to allow for women to breastfeed or pump for babies. It is important that you explore these laws to fully understand what they are, what your requirements are and what else you can do to meet employees’ needs. Workplace barriers often are a big factor in why women do not breastfeed their children, according to the National Institutes of Health. About 23 states have laws that encourage breastfeeding in the workplace.

Federal law requires that employees are given time to express breast milk for nursing children for one year after the baby’s birth and for each instance an employee has the need to express milk. Additionally, the law requires the employers not be required to compensate for employees receiving this break time. Federal law also requires that a space is provided to employees to express breast milk. This place must be free from intrusion of coworkers or the public, and it cannot be a bathroom.

What Else Can You Do?

Take a look at the employee benefits you offer. Do you give mothers the ability to work a schedule that allows for breastfeeding needs? Some of the most aggressive measures allow for mothers to have babies come into the office so that she can express milk. Providing a comfortable setting and working to meet employee needs is essential.

Employee benefits are there to provide for your employees’ needs. Do not overlook the needs of women who may be breastfeeding their babies, which the National Institutes of Health says is vital to improving the health of children. If you are unsure what you can do to improve these employee benefits, talk to those in need. They can often provide a wide range of feedback on the simple benefits you can offer.

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